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Small Things Matter

Hey boy, are you doing microservices? Sure you are. Everybody does. Have you moved to 4-tier architecture already? Are your applications cloud-native? Have you containero-dockerized yourself? All of it?

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SLAP Your Methods and Don’t Make Me Think!

In my recent post about creating a blogging platform I posted a piece of code like this: public MarkdownPost(Resource resource)

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Package Structure

Packaging is one of the underrated features of Java. We use common sense to put things here and there, after some time everybody knows where certain things go and nobody cares any more. Well, as long as

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To Interface or Not To Interface

How do you decide if a class should be hidden behind an interface or not? What has to happen to make you think “Oh, I should create an interface here”? Quick googling and we land on a StackOverflow

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Dependency Inversion in Java

Begineer guide to using the power of Dependency Inversion with examples in Java. Introduction Dependency Inversion allows us to make low-level details depend on high-level policies, opposing the flow of

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